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Plastics Direct (established in 2013) is a focused company representing a broad spectrum of local established plastic manufacturers, ranging from standard existing moulded and fabricated products to the development of custom-designed finished products. With over 22 years of industry experience, we can offer very competitive prices on all jobs large and small. With the advancement of technology, we can print and shape most plastics. We also have the ability to combine different materials such as wood and metal to enhance your end product. We pride ourselves on the fact that almost all our products are manufactured in South Africa, not only growing the local economy but also allowing for improved consistency, quality and turnaround time. This further creates an opportunity to export products, not only into Africa but globally as well. Our vision is to find a fast solution to your individual requirements. Our goal is to respond within a maximum of 24 hours and will strive to give you a superior product at a cost-effective price, within the deadline required. 

We’ll take you from concept to completion 

We have years of experience fabricating creative solutions for our clients.

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